InnovativeTeksInnovativeTeks will provide you with solid business consulting that will benefit not only your customers, but your business as well. With today’s focus on customer satisfaction, IT professionals will assess your computer needs with the end user in mind. We will reverse engineer your computer processes to fulfill your company’s goals and increase your productivity as well.
InnovativeTeks will provide users with the professional service they need at an affordable price.

If you need help securing your wireless, making sure your system is protected, getting rid of a virus, or troubleshooting hardware – we can help.

Network Install

If you need security cameras installed – we can help.

2 security camera


If you want to set up a network so you can monitor what your employees are doing at work while you are sitting in your favorite chair at home- we can help.


If your system needs more time than you have, we can also pick the system up and deliver it when it is repaired. If you have any question concerning deliveries, pick-ups or prices, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Network Troubleshooting

Need security? Bob and Diana Rasmussen would love to help you protect your family and your business. Bob has extensive experience with installing security systems with and without a DVR. Some systems you can monitor on your cell phone with an App.

Security Camera

Bob & Diana Rasmussen would love to help you with all of your IT needs.